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Image Data Protection

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In order to protect a simple game''s image data from tampering, wouldn''t a fairly secure option be to save and load your images in RAW format? Or is there something I''m missing here? I just ask because it seems to me that it would take some time for people to read the file (because they would have to guess the format (RGB or BGR) and dimensions of the images before they could load and edit them in a paint program) so it seems like it would be pretty good (fairly secure) protection. But I''ve never heard it mentioned I don''t think...

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Or simply do your own FileFormat, This way nobody known your format. ''Cause EXE format is known everywhere !!


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Making your own package file system (like the .pak files in quake) protects all your data, but you''d have to give out details of the format if you wanted people to make MODs.
The raw file idea''s good, but if you were storing textures, it''d be easy for most people to try 256x256, 1024x1024 etc. until they find the size. How about putting a header section on the front, so they''d have to guess another variable (header size).

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