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stencil shadows and md2

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I'm currently working on implementing stencil shadows for md2 models. The shadows mostly look good; however, on some models there are a few annoying artifacts. They look like extra quads that somehow got included in the shadow volume, throwing off the count. After some inspection, I believe they are caused by inconsistencies in the md2 tris. For example, I downloaded the bauul model from polycount and found the following data: tri 516: i1 176, i2 183, i3 197 tri 512: i1 198, i2 183, i3 197 It appears these two tris share an edge, but both vertex indices should not agree like this if all the tris are wound the same way. I also found some edges shared by more than two tris. First, do you think this is my problem? Are these things needed by the GLcommands (which I don't use)? If this is my problem, what can be done? I don't really have good 3d modeling software at the moment, so could someone please point me to something free that will take care of this or maybe a good tutorial on mesh optimization. Thanks in advance. [edited by - UnIcron on August 16, 2003 2:56:04 AM]

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