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im working on my own CPUID function, and its working good (what I have) so far, except one thing, its not returning the brand index correctly, on my p4 2.53GHz it returns 9, and on shil''s p4 Mobile it returned 22, but the index for a p4 is 8...
// nasm win32 syntax

segment .text
	;// Aligned on a one byte boundry:

	;//	struct CPUID

	;//	{

	;//		char szVenderId[16];

	;//		unsigned long dwFeatureFlags;

	;//		unsigned char ucBrandIndex;

	;//		unsigned char ucNumLogicalProcessors;

	;//		unsigned char ucLocalApicId;

	;//	};

	;// int _api_cpuid(CPUID* pInfo)

	global _api_cpuid
	;// Stack frame:

	;	pInfo @ ebp+8
	;	ret addr @ ebp+4
	;	old ebp @ ebp

	push ebp
	mov ebp, esp

	xor eax, eax
	mov eax, [ebp+8]

	mov [eax], ebx		; szVenderId
	mov [eax+4], edx
	mov [eax+8], ecx
	mov [eax+12], dword 0

	mov eax, 1
	mov ecx, [ebp+8]

	mov [ecx+16], edx		; dwFeatureFlags
	mov byte [ecx+20], bl	; ucBrandIndex // here it is!!!!

	mov edx, ebx
	and edx, 00000000111111110000000000000000b	; bits 16-23 ucNumLogicalProcessors
	shr edx, 16
	mov byte [ecx+21], dl	; ucNumLogicalProcessors

	mov eax, dword 1
	pop ebp


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Well, it''s actually good that you have a 9. That''s because according to http://www.sandpile.org/ia32/cpuid.htm that''s a .13 micron chip instead of an .18 micron one. So it''s right, no error in your code.

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