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Please help me

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Okay, I''ve been at this for 3 days now, used every tutorial here, didn''t even go to sleep last night, ready to cry... I''m trying to do client / server interaction. My client is a flash based tic tac toe game, my server is a Win32 command line app running winsock. I''m using non-blocking sockets. The server should support 10 players at once, directing messages from one player to another. The server should never shutdown. The error I''m having is, when the client closes, the server dies. It doesn''t even die like it should, it just spams the screen with, what I think, is just crap from the buffer, making the error extreamly hard to debug. The server isn''t even sending any data to it when it''s crashing, just looking to get data. I think the error may be in here:
void cServer :: checkMessages(){

  fd_set input_set, exc_set;
  int s, nfds; 
  char buffer[1024];

  nfds = 0;

  for(int t=0; t<10; t++){

  s = select(nfds,&input_set,NULL,&exc_set,&timeout);

  if(s > 0){
   for(int t=0; t<10; t++){
     if (FD_ISSET(Clients[t].mySocket,&exc_set)){
      char *ClientIp = inet_ntoa(Clients[t].mySocketAddr.sin_addr);

But I don''t know. If anyone knows how I''m supposed to be debugging this or spots an error let me know. Don''t send me to another tutorial though, I''ll quit the project before I look at another one.

I think I''m gonna try to get some sleep now, head is killing me but with all the coffee I don''t even feel like lying down.

Thanks for any help, this project is really getting the better of me.



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Log all messages you receive to a file, each time you receive them. Then, find out what messages are received after the client has shut down.

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why do you have this line twice : if(Clients[t].state)

I have not used select before but I think i see where you server spits out the buffer:
if(Clients[t].state){ if ((FD_ISSET(Clients[t].mySocket, &input_set))){ recv(Clients[t].mySocket,buffer,1024,0); printf("%s\n", buffer); }

Don''t ever printf a buffer you got from a socket. it could contain weird characters causing your program to do weird things. For example, your program could start beeping uncontrollably. Who knows, it may be possible that some characters cause your program to crash.

Another thing, when you do recv() you do not neccesarally get a null terminated string so you can core dump your program by printing the stuff you got from recv()

Basically: string functions and sockets don''t mix

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