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DirectX in Child Window

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I have spent the last few hours seaching for help on this, but nothing conclusive. I want to put my directX stuff in a child window leaving for the remainder of the main window for controls. When i run the program it fails at the createDevice() call. Any advise on this problem would be much appriciated, thanks.

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Thanks for the rapid responce,

// Create the Main Window

g_hWnd = CreateWindow(g_szClass, g_szCaption,
0, 0, 400, 400,
hInst, NULL );
return FALSE;

// Create the Child Window

g_hChild = CreateWindow(g_szClass, " ",
0, 0, 200, 200,
g_hWnd, NULL,
hInst, NULL );

I tinkered with the code that much i can't remeber the different variations i have tried, this was my latest attempt.

[edited by - Defcom on August 16, 2003 1:10:09 PM]

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Look up swap chains.

[edit] If you just want to render to 1 child window then there is a simpler way. Make your device for the parent window. One of the parameters for the Present call takes a handle to a HWND which will override the one the device was made with. Just use your child window handle and everything should work fine .

[edited by - Raloth on August 16, 2003 3:26:49 PM]

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Use your main window for the focus window (the parameter to CreateDevice) and the child window for the device window (in D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS).

Additional swap chains are for when you have multiple rendering windows but if you just have the one then don''t worry about them for now.

As Raloth says it is possible to do this without a child window by overriding the default Present behavior. There are a number of things to keep in mind about this approach:

* You generally want the swap chain to be the same size as the "window" you''ll be presenting to. If you use the main window as the device window then the swap chain will take on *its* client size, which is probably bigger than you want, and if you don''t take extra steps with the viewport and source rectangle when presenting, you''ll be rendering a larger image than will actually be seen on the screen. (Present will shrink it down when blitting.) This is obviously wasteful and can affect image quality. So specify an explicit BackBufferWidth and Height when creating the device using the child "window" size, don''t rely on the defaults.
* You''re limited to D3DSWAPEFFECT_COPY. The other two don''t permit overriding the source and dest rects in Present.
* There are certain advantages that can come in handy when using an actual child window -- window styles, z-ordering, and such. With this approach, your "window" will always appear as if at the back of the z-order.

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Thankyou for the responces, I am not sure how, but i had started another project and it worked??? even though it was the same code, but i did add some files to the linker.
Thanks again.

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