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Problem when creating an image for use as a off-screen buffer.

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Hi, I''m trying to create an image using the J2ME in the C55. This image will be used like an "scroller", and I need to have it with 700+ pixels of width and 64 of height. But when I create it with more than 200 pixels, it doesn''t create with the specified widh! I''m using this code: int _bufferX = 0; Image _doubleBuffer = Image.createImage( 800, 64 ); Graphics _bufferGraphics = _doubleBuffer.getGraphics(); and this on paint: protected void paint( Graphics screenGraphics ) { . . . screenGraphics( _doubleBuffer, _bufferX, 0, Graphics.LEFT | Graphics.TOP ); } I''m trying to able the user when press the KEY_NUM4 reduce the _bufferX for scroll the _doubleBuffer. Any other idea to how make this using the J2ME? Or only an idea to make this work? Thanks, Rafael

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