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Radioactive Ant

I need help with game idea and VB.Net

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I am working toward making a Multiplayer 3D Space Fighter Simulator. (Basically a dogfight simulator with a different scheme and Star-Wars X-Fighter type things, just a bit different.) ANYWAYS, I am using Visual Basic.Net and 3DState VB.Net 3D Game Engine. I have it all thought up how I am going to make it. So I need to know how to set it up and program it... (Mainly how to do the flight simulator and 1st/3rd Person View Cameras, along with VGUI menus.) I will figure out the whole multiplayer thing. OWNER of (I did everything myself)

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Have you considered the Truevision VB engine?

Have you programmed games before? Do you have a Design Doc, not just your idea but how *everything* will work? Just a few things to think about.
Good luck with it in any case.

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I HAVE considered Truevision. But I cant figure out either one of them. And I have drawings on how things will work... I just need to convert that into programming.

Tell me, which one is easier?

Also, when I gain more knowledge on how they work, which is more efficient?

OWNER of (I did everything myself)

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