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When game is active again (after alt+tab)

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I've ran into quite a problem. I use this code to handle Alt+Tab:
        if( g_Steint.isInitialized() )
            wParam ? g_Steint.onFocus() : g_Steint.onFocusLost(), WaitMessage();
Currently, onFocus() only reacquires input, which works, but everything goes black. I guess this is cause all textures are lost. Now, since My game is OO I'm gonna have classes representing objects, so some objects will have their own texture. This means I have to have a restoreTexture() method on every object and then call that method on every object in my game. That is not a comfortable solution. I could have a class for texture loading and then just pass pointers to the gameclasses so they know what texture they should use. Then have a single restoreTextures() method on that texture class. However, that is not a comfortable solution either... How do you solve texture restoring after Alt+Tab in your game? NOTE: Steint is the name of my game... [edited by - Enselic on August 17, 2003 1:06:59 PM]

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