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Vertical Retraces

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Vertical retrace is also known as VSYNC. Its to do with your monitors refresh rate. You get what is called image tearing, this is where your screen has half redrawn the new picture at the top of the screen while the bottom half is the old picture. The higher your monitors refresh rate frequency, the less the occurance.

Take a look at for a reference on the whole issue in Windows

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In case you don't understand how a tv/monitor produces an image, check out the link below:

A vertical retrace refers to the time when the electron beam has reached the bottom right of the screen and is returning to the top left to display the next frame.

If you change the display memory during this retrace period, then the new image will be displayed correctly.

If you change the display memory without waiting for the retrace, when the electron beam is halfway down the screen for example, the top half of the screen will already be showing the old image, but the beam will then continue on to display the new image in the bottom half of the screen.

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