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I`m trying to make a Shoting system(almost done) and i`m having dificulties making the BulletMark(you know : the "hole" it leaves on the ground...) Actually what I need is to make a small quad out of a plane normal/triangle ... So far I have the planes normal and I`m usaing some strafing function to make2 points on the 2 sides and rotate them on 1 axis to make a small quad. The thing is that my code makes different sizes of quads based on the plane/surface wich sucks,what I would like is a simple functions/anything that can make from 1 plane/triangle at a point P a small quad ||(paralel) to the plane . PS:It can also be used to spill blood .

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I''ve never actually done decals before but this is the way I think you would do it.

#1 Decide which face you have hit
#2 Get that face''s normal, we can call this vector n
#3 Randomly grab two points belonging to the face and create a vector between them. This will be vector v1. Normalize v1.
#4 Perform a cross product between v1 and n to get v2. This will give you the second vector you need, which will be perpendicular to the face normal.
#5 Scale the vectors v1 and v2 to your desired size of the decal.
#5 Create the quad using v1 and v2

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