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Making a function that can accept cout(<<) style parameters

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Ok, so you''ve read the subject... How would you do it? For example I''d like to have a critical error function that can accept data like cout. After the function has it I''ll want to be writing it to a log file. Is this easy? Many thanks(for putting up with me... ) gimp

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#include <fstream.h> // at top of file

ofstream errorFile; // as a global"filename.txt"); // in game strtup code

errorFile << "This is going in the error file." << endl; // whenever you want to write error

errorFile.close(); // in shutdown game code

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cout it not a function, it''s an object of a class (basic_ostream I think). That class has the << operator overloaded (called the insertion operator in this case, as you''re inserting the output variables into the stream). So if you want something that does this, you just have to write a class (or just instantiate an output file stream like in ncsu''s post) and overload the shifting operators (if those are the operators you want to use) to print or do whatever you want them to do.

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