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Texture Space conceps?

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I'm having a problem getting my head around the idea of texture space and it's really getting to me..... 1. First, for bumpmapping, I presume when you transform a light into texture space, you are actually transforming the light direction not the position, so that the light has the same angle for all polygons/faces? 2. When you transform a light vector into texture space does that mean the texture is centred around the origin of this co-ordinate system? 3. I.e For example when you transform a light from world space to object space it's easy to visualise it as keeping the object in it's original position and putting the light relative to where it would be if the object had been transformed by the world transform (tying myself in knots here). Is there an easy way to visualize the light's vector when transformed into texture space? Hope these questions make sense, it's hard to put some of this stuff into words. Thanks. [edited by - Briskon on August 17, 2003 11:42:30 AM]

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Mathematics of Per-Pixel Lighting :


This explains a bit of how texture space works. Should give you some ideas. It doesn''t go into bumpmapping but just explains the math behind texture space.

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Downloaded that PDF file, unfortunately Acrobat Reader says there's an error (107) and it won't open the file.........

Can any else answer my questions?

(Two more!!)
4. In general from what I've read there are two main ways to perform bumpmapping: a). using normal maps and b). using heightmaps.
Which is considered the better method?
Which is considered the easier method?(My money's on height based)

5. Are there any editors available for creating height based bumpmaps or does it have to be done manually?

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