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lpdirectdraw object

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I am just starting with directx and I am having problems with just creating a directdraw object: LPDIRECTDRAW7 lpdd = NULL; the error I get is: missing ; before identifier lpdd LPDIRECTDRAW7 : missing storage-class or type specifiers lpdd : missing storage-class or type specifiers I have included windows.h, windowsx.h, mmsystem.h, ddraw.h and I defined WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN and INITGUID I also linked ddraw.lib and dxguid.lib to the project.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
make sure that the compiler''s include path has the SDK''s include directory specified before any other include directories that might contain an older version of ddraw.h. such is the case with the VC++ 6.0 include directory, which contains a ddraw.h for DirectX 5.0, not 7.0.

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I already copied ddraw.h to my program's main
directory before I got this error.
I noticed, however, that windows.h , windowsx.h,
and mmsystem.h aren't in there. Where are they located?
Is the reason I can't find them because they're Visual
C++ 6.0 files and I have Visual c++ .net?
Anyway, it looks like I have two problems now instead
of one.

[edited by - jimiwa on August 17, 2003 5:06:13 PM]

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The problem you''re getting is the same as if you said this:


"LPDIRECTDRAW7" is defined in the seventh edition of the directx sdk. The compiler you are using probably comes with much earlier editions than this.

The problems you are seeing is the result of compiling with these "out-to-date" ddraw.h and ddraw.lib and dxguid.lib files.

Set the directories the compiler searches in to whatever directory your direct draw 7 (or later) sdk is in. In MSVC++ 6.0, you define these directories under "tools->options->directories tab." The compiler looks in the ones at the top first. If it doesnt find it in the first directory, it goes to the next, etc...

There''s probably more, but I came back to finishing this post ten minutes after i started it.

"Let me just ejaculate some ideas"

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