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Gathering Info

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Howdy, I figured this might be the right forum to get some information on how maps work in this kind of game (2d). To be more specific about what im asking, i just would like someone to explain the basics on how it works, or if you want to, you could point me towards a document or two about making a map system. or if you prfer i could go ask in the newbie hole, since im new at this. thanks ahead, syrm

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I''m going to assume you''re talking about the actual structure of the maps, not the visual elements (like diamond shaped tiles etc).

Here''s a couple of different ways to store the info about map tiles. A sequential class array (eg: map[50]) or a 2d array (eg: map[50][50]).

Sequential arrays are fun because you need to work out what element to grab out based on tile = (mapwidth * y) + x.

I prefer 2d arrays. You know which tile to grab because you know the x & y of each tile.

Start off by having a tile class, give it the properties you want, then array it. In your initialisation set the x & y properties of the maptiles, then in your map routine (whether you load or create a map) set the terrain type property to the correct value (eg: 0 = sea, 1 = grass, 2 = rocks, etc). If you want other layers (eg: objects to pickup or characters) just add more properties to the class: int object; int unit;

int xLoc;
int yLoc;
int TerrainType; // Store what land type: sea, grass, rock, etc

// Globals
MAPTILE Map[100][100]; // Creates a map class array of 100 * 100

// Somewhere in your initialisation.....
for(int y = 0; y < 100; y++)
for(int x = 0; x < 100; x++)
Map[x][y].xLoc = x; // Set x location
Map[x][y].yLoc = y; // Set y location
Map[x][y].TerrainType = 0; // Set all terrain to sea

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