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Memory Leak Question...

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Hi, i''m using VC++ 6.0, and i''m used to seeing memory leak info in the output window when there is allocated memory that is not deallocated. However, on working on a new project, i noticed that i haven''t received any messages. Since i''m constructing complex data structures, i thought, "Hmm... this is worth a look." So i allocated a char at the beginning of the program and did not deallocate it. No memory leak message. Is there something i need to enable in order for memory leak info to output to the debug window? Thanks! "You call him Dr. Grip, doll!"

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Same here... sometimes VC++ just seems to "miss" a few memory leaks, especially if they're smaller ones. Also seems to depend on the machine.

I had a programm which leaked about a few hundred kB. I let it run in debug mode (inside the compiler) on my big machine with 1GB ram. No problems at all. That's why I thought it was running fine.

Then, a few days later I did the same on a significantly smaller machine (256 MB), and immediatelly I got reports about memory leaks.

I hadn't changed anything about the part that caused the leaks during the time (since I thought it was working), so the leaks have been there on the other machine as well. That's why I usually test programms on both machines now, just to make sure .

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I found the answer:

"You call him Dr. Grip, doll!"

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