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Website Books: From a programmers view

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Hello, sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I guess this falls under General. I''m looking for some good books to get me started on the mechanics of a web site (is this called the backend?), not books on design. Some keywords I''ve heard around (and correct me if these don''t have anything to do with what I want) are PHP,mySQL and ASP. I have quite a bit of experience programming in other languages (c++), so I''m not looking for a complete beginner book ("this is a variable etc."). I know enough HTML to create simple pages, but not enough to create large sites with dynamic content. Thank you.

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If you''re familiar with C++ then PHP is probably the easiest choice. I''ve only used Sam''s Teach Yourself PHP In 24 Hours but I find it better as a very basic reference than as a good learning book. It also covers some basics of SQL in it''s chapter about databases but if you''re working with SQL you''re going to want a book on SQL itself.

PHP.net has some tutorials and an MSDN-like library for anything you need to know about PHP.

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I''m not exactly sure what aspect of web developement you are interested in, so I''ll give some suggestions.

If you are looking to create database driven websites, then yes, you should learn what''s called a server side language . Note that learning a server side language will not give you the power to display elements on a page, and in fact gives you very little, if any at all, control over how the page looks.

If you do know enough HTML to create a basic layout, etc, learning a server side language will give you the knowledge to write to and read from a database. However, you will probably not learn how to create a database. You can use MS Access to create a database, however Access databases are extremely unstable, and thus I would recommend a mySQL or SQL server database.

"Dynamic content" can mean a lot of things in regards to the web. Generally, dynamic content means animated content, not generated content (generated content being content that is pulled from a database or randomly put together by some sort of algorithm). So, if you want dynamic content, you should learn client side languages or scripts such as javascript, HTML, and CSS. However, as I understand it, true dynamic content would be a flash movie, or other browser plugin.

Perhaps you could clarify what you are looking to create, and I or others on this site can help direct you!

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It looks like PHP and mySQL was what I was looking for. From the php.net site... "The goal of the language is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly.", which is what I wanted. What I was wanting to create was a member system, much like a forum.

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