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Normals Reversed with Per-Pixel Lighting

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I''ve been fighting with per-pixel lighting, trying to get it to work with my project for quite some time. I managed to get it to work, but for some strange reason the vertex shader is reading the normals of all the meshes backwards - forcing me to manually reverse the sign of the input register that contains the normal in the vertex shader manually. It worked, but I still want to know why It''s behaving like that. I have culling set to counter-clock wise (the standard), so I can''t see why it''s doing this. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? (I don''t really like changing my vertex shader to read something that isn''t "right").
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OMG i'm such an idiot - I simply forgot to include the Normal Map texture in the second texture stage - no wonder I wasn't getting that "bump mapping" effect. It works fine now, and I don't have to reverse the register in the vertex shader for it to work. The effects are spectacular .

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