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Enviromental / Bumpmapping

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I''m in the stage of learning how to program with Direct3D and I''m creating a little baldur''s gate-styled engine and got two questions In that kind of game can i take advantage of Enviromental / Bumpmapping? I''ve got this ideas: Water -> Bumpmapping -> Simulate waves Window -> Enviromental Mapping -> Reflections Water -> Enviromental Mapping -> Reflection Any more? And considering DX7 Can EVERY videoboard take advantage of Bumpmapping / Enviromental Mapping as long as DX7 is installed? Metus, from the badlands of Sweden

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Bumpmapping is really cool for waves. When I saw G400''s tech demo my jaw dropped... Only because of bump mapping and what it did to water...

To do reflections, environment mapping is okay for that. Unless you want to reflect geometry, in which case things get complicated... My old engine allowed theoretically "hall of mirrors" effect done with geometry mirrors, but it required a lot from hardware - high-bitdepth stencil buffer for example. But to do "ghostly" reflections environment mapping is good.

Every board "can do" bump mapping with dx7. However, as most boards'' hardware can''t do it (g400 was first to support bumps in hardware) it has to be emulated with ramp device, and it''s SLOW!
Some figures; G400 renders "earth" bumpdemo of dx at rate of 250FPS (if I remember it correctly). In software, render speed is about 1 FPS...

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