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Helpful Information on programing for console

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I believe I have some really great ideas for games. What I mean is that I am able to take what I think of as far as environment, control scheme, camera placement for best interaction for the player, story concept, and character design. When I play a game I want to have fun playing the game. I want to have the desire to play the game again base mostly on how the character interacts with his or hers surroundings, how well the character controls, and what skills and abilities the character has at their disposal. I want a game where the levels are designed as if they where the true environments and not to cater to the character’s abilities. I want the player to say to them selves what a challenge that was, not what a challenging puzzle that was. If you take MD2 for the DreamCast or the PC all of the levels for Kurt have been design for his abilities not so Kurt has to figure out how to use this strange alien surrounding to make progress. All of the puzzles in game have only one function, which is to allow Kurt to use his abilities to make progress. An example of this is in the level where Kurt has to shoot things called sniper balls in order to make an ascent to reach the door. There is no other reason for those sniper balls to be there except for Kurt. When a puzzle has only one function and this function is for the character to make progress this is what catering to the character means. Another example is when Kurt enters a huge chamber and there is big device hanging very high above the ground that it is point at. Kurt must now go around and turn on, I think, twelve switches. Each time he turns one of the switches on he must fight a group of enemies. Well once the last switch is turned on the device release a large discharge of energy that make a passageway through the ground that it was pointed at. The way this puzzle was setup was with word cool and that was it. The only purpose that device served was to allow Kurt to make progress. Making a level that caters to the character take away the immersion of the player in to that world the creators are trying to create. I did not find the game play Metal Gear Sold to be that enjoyable, the story was great and graphics were good. I think that I have far better control scheme for Metal Gear Sold and Metal Gear Sold II, and I think that if the camera was place behind Sold Snakes head, so that you could see from his waist up, the bosses could have been more challenging, he could have back pedal instead of having to turn his back to retreat, he could have strafed and most importantly all that MGS offered could easily be pull of in a first or third person view. I need information on material that will inform me about the process of creating a game on a static system like the Dreamcast, or Playstation II . I have a great idea for a Dragon Ball Z game that would capture the combat craziness of the series, and yet make the whole experience extreme fun to play. I have another idea for third person action adventure perspective game. Your character is a boy and he has mind powers. I have a story for it, I have the camera system work out, and the control scheme.

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