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logic monkey

explain x % 32 = x

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ok, lets assume x = 6. 32 % x = 2 ok, gotcha 32/6 = 5 and the remainer is 2 but x % 32 = x Now I would think it''d be 0 any time x is modded by a larger number since the result would be fractional (.1875 in this case) and assuming you were using an int type that would resolve to 0. Ok, so I must''ve have strayed off the logic-path somewhere and the answer is probably really simple. Can someone tell me where and why? Thanks

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No, logic monkey is correct.

32 % 6 = 2 is equivalent to 32 = 5 x 6 + 2
Do the long division yourself and you'll see.

36 % 6 = 0, but 36 doesn't get mentioned here.....

EDIT: The person I was answering seems to have deleted his post.... Oh well.

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