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Reading blocks of data in stdio

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Hi, Im currently loading a file with stdio, example below, and im trying to write my code so that I can read a block of 15 characters per buffer, now of course I dont need to write each buffer to its own char, I just need to be able to see the next 15, and the next so on and so forth. I was wondering if someone could look at my code and see if I am needing a simple code to get this to work because at the moment im only getting the same 15 characters over and over again:
#include <iostream.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>

unsigned long getfilesize(FILE *file) {
	unsigned long i = 0;


	while (!feof(file)) {
return i;

void main() {
	FILE *file;
	long lSize, bufSize;
	int maxSize = 15;
	char *buffer;

	file=fopen("C:\\test.txt", "r");
		lSize = (unsigned long)getfilesize(file);

		if( lSize > maxSize ) {
			bufSize = (lSize / maxSize);
			for(int i = 0; i < bufSize; i++ ) {
				fseek (file, 0, SEEK_SET);

				buffer = (char*) malloc (maxSize - 4);
				if (buffer == NULL) exit (2);


				cout << buffer;
				cout << endl;
Thanks again. - BlueDev
   BlueDev Net
Ah, ok. hehe my bad so if I get rid of both I start to read more than 15 characters, like 25 or 30, why is that?

edit: nevermind I see what was wrong, I still had an extra rewind, thanks all.

- BlueDev

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