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Cliff facing in a height-map terrain

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Hi, I have a cliff-facing thingy working. What I do is for each vertex I store an additional property which is its CliffLevel. This allows me to quite easilly draw cliff edges between differing clifflevels. The problem I''m having goes a bit like this: Using a programmatic approach to creating the cliff face, it''s very difficult to use anything other than flat faces (basically just drawing a single plane, which is what I have at the moment). I can get around this by using stored meshes and just telling the program which mesh to draw. The stored mesh thing has the added advantage of making the cliff characteristics externally modifiable - i.e. their appearance can vary between maps and is the responsibility of the artist. The problem with the stored mesh is that it doesn''t deform and/or conform to the ambient height field, which can leave me with a couple of options: 1) Force all ambient heights around a cliff to be identical. This causes a flat edge against which the mesh can easilly be positioned. I don''t like that at all. 2) Create some kind of masterful algorythm that will allow the Cliff generation function to generate multiple different types of cliff (from walls to convex chalk things). 3) Find some way to tag individual vertices in a mesh so that I can manipulate them to the ambient heights before adding them to the terrain VB. Does anyone have any input for me on this?

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