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Fluxbox... (lets chat) (and other WMs too!)

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So kde decided to eat alot of my configuration (panel and desktop; not THAT much really but enough to bend my nose (and the fact that the panel clock decided to not keep time worth a fark--it was slow 2h yesterday and 1h today).) so... I figured this was a good time to try out alternitive enviroments... well gnome has this nasty habbit of locking me up so I''m ignoring it for a while (and I don''t care for nautlus much) and I''ve heard people mention Fluxbox a few times so I went and looked it up... What I saw was enough for me to portinstall it...(mouse wheel switching workspaces and gkrellm fitting in the slit was what did I I think)... After running it for a little bit I''m of mixed emotions. I''d say it has potential but needs tweaking.. alot of tweaking. As I am running a basic bare bones fluxbox atm I figure there is quite some tweaking I can do, soo... That said how do you like to run fluxbox? an in general, anyone want to chat about fluxbox and why it is go neat? Oh speaking of nautlus.. what file manager do you use anyway? I think I''m partial to kde''s fm currently, though I''m not sure it is wise to use it outside of kde -- rather a grey area in my understanding currently. Anyway (yes sorry I ramble, esp when I sleepy )... Fluxbox, whatcha think? (there sure are alot of WMs out there too! Whats your favorite?)

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If you''d like, ''we'' can figure out why Gnome isn''t running correctly with the right information (distro vendor and version, Gnome version, log output, whatever).

Nautilus is nicer in newer versions which fix more of the quirks that it has had for so very long. I''m not a big fan of graphical file managers, but Nautilus does just fine for when I actually feel it''s the right type of tool for some task. There is no reason you can''t run Konqueror ("kde''s fm" as you put it) outside of KDE, all the KDE libraries and such are required to be installed to run it at all, so they''re still there if Konqueror needs them.

Fluxbox is probably my favorite window manager that''s not attached to any desktop environment (in Gnome I use the default Metacity, it''s strictly a window manager and doesn''t provide its own panels and such). Fluxbox is very simple, yet provides everything I really want (workspaces, task bar, variety of focus styles, and tabbed windows are a really nice feature). I never really tweak Fluxbox much, I prefer it staying simple and out of the way (changing the color style and moving the task bar to the top is about it).

About others: Window Maker is nice (used it for a decently long while) and Enlightenment is interesting (used it for less time than Window Maker), but I really like the lightness of Fluxbox for when I don''t want to use Gnome (my long-time default desktop environment, which a medium amount of tweaking).

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For referance (I aprecate any input but certainly no need to put any effort into it )

... I don''t think I have any logs of crashes, but perhaps I''m missing the obvious.

feral@a900$ uname -a
FreeBSD a900 5.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE #3: Mon Aug 25 22:05:44 PDT 2003 feral@a900:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/FERAL0 i386

feral@a900$ portversion -v | grep -i gnome
AbiWord2-gnome-1.99.3 = up-to-date with port
gnome-icon-theme-1.0.6 = up-to-date with port
gnome-pkgview-1.0.1 = up-to-date with port
gnome-themes-2.2.2 = up-to-date with port
gnome2-2.2.2_2 = up-to-date with port
gnomeapplets2-2.2.2_3 > succeeds port (port has 2.2.2_2)
gnomeaudio2-2.0.0 = up-to-date with port
gnomecanvas-0.22.0 = up-to-date with port
gnomecontrolcenter2-2.2.2 = up-to-date with port
gnomedb-0.2.96_1 = up-to-date with port
gnomedesktop-2.2.2 = up-to-date with port
gnomegames2-2.2.1_3 = up-to-date with port
gnomehier-1.0_8 = up-to-date with port
gnomelibs-1.4.2_1 = up-to-date with port
gnomemedia2-2.2.2 = up-to-date with port
gnomemimedata-2.2.1 = up-to-date with port
gnomepanel- = up-to-date with port
gnomeprint-0.37 = up-to-date with port
gnomesession-2.2.2_1 = up-to-date with port
gnomesystemmonitor-2.0.5 = up-to-date with port
gnometerminal-2.2.2 = up-to-date with port
gnomeuserdocs2-2.0.6_1 = up-to-date with port
gnomeutils2-2.2.3,1 = up-to-date with port
gnomevfs-1.0.5_4 = up-to-date with port
gnomevfs2-2.2.5 = up-to-date with port
libgail-gnome-1.0.2_1 = up-to-date with port
libgnome-2.2.3_1 = up-to-date with port
libgnomecanvas-2.2.1 = up-to-date with port
libgnomedb-0.91.0 = up-to-date with port
libgnomeprint- = up-to-date with port
libgnomeprintui- = up-to-date with port
libgnomeui-2.2.2 = up-to-date with port
rep-gtk-gnome-0.15_1 = up-to-date with port
rep-gtk2-gnome-0.17_2,1 = up-to-date with port
xscreensaver-gnome-4.12 = up-to-date with port

Fwiw my default wm in gnome2 seems to be sawfish2

Speaking of Gnome, have you played with gDesklets any? (applets just above the wallpaper and below the applications)... seems like a neat idea I think.. Though really all I''m interested in images that are updated periodically (weather reports mostly). Still seems like the idea (karamba in kde, btw) has alot of potential.

I am kind of fond of Window Maker.. was always a WM I drooled over when I was marooned in windows land, and I like how it handles the mouse / menu interaction.. it just seems right to click the same button again to dismiss a menu... Heh and I''m a sucker for dockapps for some silly reason

Other than kde/gnome/wm.. and now fluxbox I''ve not really played with any other enviroments/wms, which is somewhat of a shame, given the wide selection available.

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I like lwm but its probably not what you are looking for. Its more of a stripped down window manager based on opening xterms and hiding windows.


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I use fluxbox. I also don''t tweak it too much. I like the taskbar at the top and gkrellm in the slit on the right side. I change the color scheme. I set the window tabs to sloppy so I can move a tab anywhere in the window and not just into the other tab.

I use Debian Woody right now, and I have had some odd problems with the packages. I run two machines mostly, one being my laptop.

I had originally installed KDE 2 on my desktop machine. I used that for a long time. When I installed Debian on my laptop, I installed fluxbox as it is a not-so-powerful laptop (less than 800 bogomips B-). It figured out the menus and everything. No configuration setup needed.

After using it for awhile, I wanted to use it on my desktop. I installed it (using the same method as I did on my laptop), and oddly enough, it didn''t have any menus setup and when I did right-click, it said it was blackbox.

I ended up copying the menu and config files over from my laptop in order to get anything working.

But that was probably a Debian specific problem. Other than that, I haven''t experimented with anything besides KDE and fluxbox, and I haven''t had too many problems with fluxbox.

I did read something about fvwm being highly configurable and it is something I want to look into when I get enough time to sit with it. While it looks even more basic than fluxbox, apparently it can be configured to take all the cool things from any WM and not have any of the bad. Pixmaps, dockapps, etc

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I use KDE. Can't say I'm very happy with it as I don't think there's a good reason it takes so long to start up. Too much bloat and inconsistancies for my liking. I'm waiting to get to school so I can grab Gnome on a fast connection.

I tried fluxbox recently and it's a bit too minimalistic for me. Lack of icons on the root window was the first sign that it had to go I did try idesk and fbdesk but these two packages seemed buggy, plus inability to add an icon visually was getting to me. So, I ended up going back to KDE.

Actually, I am very disappointed by linux desktop. It falls short compared to what it could be if Linus bothered to give the open source community some direction. It's about time XFree was dropped, OpenGL drivers didn't depend on on the X server and someone wrote a good OpenGL based GUI system. DirectFB is going in the right direction but it'll take decades for it to mature. Oh well, that's what you get when a mediocre computer science student gets very lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

BTW, does anyone else find fluxbox's term "slit" really dirty?

[edited by - CoffeeMug on September 1, 2003 12:29:18 AM]

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I just grabbed the latest dev release of Fluxbox and I am really happy with it. I am a minimalist so right away I was liking what was up, though a few things bugged me. I decided to open up the source and change a few things. Most of it was just disabling things permanantly but I''m throwing in some things for advanced window placing and stuff.

Just playing around with it really... but I''m loving it

ATM I''ve got .94 without title bars, tabs, toolbar...with rounded corners and stuff

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While I agree that XFree86 may be slower than necessary for most people, there are reasons for it. Unfortunately a lot of people don''t like using a networked desktop or care to set it up.

Linus has no control over the direction of anything but the kernel. Even that is not a sole decision of his.

As I understand it, with every release of KDE, the features increase while the code decreases. It gets faster and more efficient. I thought it was bloated too when I used KDE 2, but I hear 3.0 was a huge improvement.

And yes, referring to the "slit" when at my locallug''s meetings always brings snickers from everyone else.

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I don''t particularly like X, but it does what it was designed to do very well, and it has greatly improved in recent versions.

As for Fluxbox, it pwns.

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Something that I found rather amusing... I was running 0.1.4 of Fluxbox.. That struck me as odd when I looked at version numbers closer. Heh, anyway fluxbox-devel (0.9.5) now. I''ll find my tabs, rounded windows and get gkrellm back at the top of the slit yet. Oh yes, dirty term that, but that is what we get for having our minds in the gutter... Anyway..

I''m finding I''m coming back to Flubox more than any other WM ... I think it''s the mouse wheel workspace changing.. that and the slit... exactly what I wanted. Not to mention it is fast...

Fun stuff

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