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Can you use GDI BitBlt to non OFFSCREENPLAIN surfaces?

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Hi there, I''m writing some basic DirectDraw library functions by way of getting my head around DirectDraw. One in particular handles the standard task of loading a BITMAP file or resource onto a provided DirectDraw surface -- my code is identical to the example ddutil.cpp code, just with better error checking. I''m running in exclusive, full-screen mode. My code works fine when passed a surface that is DDSCAPS_OFFSCREENPLAIN, however, for say primary or backbuffer surfaces, the BitBlt() I''m using to copy the bitmap from a GDI device context to a DirectDraw surface device context doesn''t seem to do anything. Can one BitBlt (and more generally use GDI functions) on DirectDraw primary and back buffer surfaces? If so, can you provide source code? If not, do you know why? Thanks, Jaye.

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