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Land of Fate game concept ideas

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I couldn't really think of a story line for my game, so im sorry, but I will tell you the basic details of it and how it would work so you all will understand it. If anyone would like to help me with this idea getting put into play and under development please let me know, I always check my e-mail staff@gamesplit.net and I will be able to host a site on my domain. The game would consist of one big world with countries and such. Not countries like USA, Eur, Aus, China, etc... but your own made countries. Players would be able to choose there character type, with things such as Cyborg, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, and Thief. Now the players would start off kind of like a normal mmorpg would. Build your character up, buy weapons from shops, stuff like that. But I was thinking, you know how when we all played the old board game Monopoly if you landed on some one elses property you would have to pay a tax? Well if you travel to some one elses land you would have to pay a toll, all depending on who owns the land, the player would be able to choose to let travelers roam his land free, or to make them pay a toll. Now for those people like me who are stubbern I was thinking, if you didn't want to pay the toll you wouldn't have to, you could always go up against them and take your chances dead or with robbing all of the money they have collected from the 2 day game period. (in other words, kill them if you dont feel like paying) Don't get me wrong, not everywhere you travel will be player owned lands, there will always be neutral lands and such that players wouldnt be able to buy out or build on and such, so this way the ones who got to be rich wouldnt be able to screw people over and the game would still stay fair. The Neutral lands is where you would start out, along with the world City, which would be the game creators team's city which would offer players things such as jobs, tasks, and missions and such. Inside the city there would be stores, weapons and armour shops, Inn's (for healing and resting), hospitals for healing as well, police stations to enforce any violence that would happen to come upon the city (such as PK's or desert raiders) This is the basic concept idea of my game! Laters, Vash [edited by - VashStampede on September 2, 2003 4:12:05 PM]

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