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D3D in C# - Perlin Noise Planet Demo

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I usually don''t spam forums when I finish a project, but some people here helped me figure out some thorny problems regarding Managed DirectX in C#, so I thought I would make a quick post to show what I have put together. Basically, it''s a demo of using Perlin Noise for procedural texture generation. There''s a nice GUI (a strong point of C#) that lets you tweak lots of variables and a window that shows the generated texture mapped onto a rotating sphere (creating a sphere with texture coords was tricky!). My idea was to test out different texture generation algorithms to find something that would work well in a multiplayer space game I''m thinking about making. You can find both source and binaries for the project on my page at Thanks to everyone who helped me put this together! ---------------------------------------- Let be be finale of seem, seems to me. ---------------------------------------- Coding: Miscellany:

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