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Scripting Language for 3d web design.

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Perl!!! yes if u like trying to read hyrogliphics or hindu...

PHP is much better..

1) It's not as cryptic as perl
2) It's embeded directly in the HTML page
(No external scripts means no CGI security problems)
3) If U learn C then PHP is easy, if you know PHP learning
C is the next logical step...
(See the picture?... Web to Windows... Windows to Web..)
4) It's used by LOT's of major companies, but you wouldn't
know it...

I'm sure I can think of lot's more reasons if i try hard enough but i leave it there for now....

Oh almost forgot...

As for 3D Graphics, it's perfectly achiveable using the GD library and various pear modules.

[edited by - shawty on September 3, 2003 8:42:24 AM]

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Original post by Antony52
What scripting language do you suggest for 3d web design?I was thinking of javascript or Lua.

I certainly wouldn''t use javascript for this. Cross-browser compatibility is enough of a problem as it is, but trying to conform to the Document Object Model for graphics would be even worse (and DHTML just plain sucks).

Why not use Flash? There''s plugins to export all kinds of 3D animations/models into it, in the form of BMPs and AVIs etc. Plus, you can use PHP from within Flash, to access server-side resources, enabling you to further customise your Flash movies.


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Guest Anonymous Poster
there''s also VRML
<a href="www.web3d.org/vrml/vrml.htm">More here! </a>

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Hellz has agood point, after all thats one of the things flash is good at, however i''m not to keen on the latest versions of action script built into the newer products i find it quite complex to use compared to the older versions, i have no doubt though that it''s much more powerfull.

As for the PHP interface, then yes i aggree that it''s a good combination, esp when you set up events in the flash movie that can trigger handling functions in your PHP code.

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