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If you use GLUT or SDL you needn''t worry about actually programming any OS-specific details. Any tutorial teaching these libraries would be sufficient. (File access, etc, is a different monster altogether, SDL I think is a better bet than GLUT).

For actual compiling on Linux I would suggest learning how to create a Makefile (a list of instructions on how to build your project), and compiling is usually as simple as:
gcc program.cpp -lglut -o program
I use Kate since it has an integrated console in the editor window, and is an MDI.

Setting up GLUT or SDL is a different story; what distribution do you use? Usually you can install a -devel-.rpm, though if you use RedHat 9, there''s some info I came across for GLUT which you might want to check out.

Drop me a line if you need help


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