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Video losing focus

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Im using DirectX 9, rendering a small avi into my parent window, sometimes it works fine and you can see the video, sometimes you can only hear the sound (you cant see the video) and nothing changes in the code, it just works randomly or it doesnt, im using this : pVW->put_Owner((OAHWND) m_hWnd); pVW->put_WindowStyle(WS_CHILD | WS_CLIPSIBLINGS | WS_CLIPCHILDREN); RECT grc; GetClientRect(m_hWnd, &grc); pVW->SetWindowPosition(0, 0, grc.right, grc.bottom); pVW->put_AutoShow(OATRUE); pVW->put_Visible(OATRUE); pVW->SetWindowForeground(OATRUE); pVW->HideCursor(1); pVW->put_WindowState(1); any ideas?

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