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Parts of a Game Engine

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I''m am looking at designing a game engine but am finding it hard to find out what parts you need in it. What are the subsections of the game engine and their functionality. (eg Physics section, math section etc). Can anyone help me out by giving me a list or anything?

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The things your should look up to read to help you on the road for designing a game engine

Resource Management (sound, models, levels etc - file management)

Object Management (Scene Graphs, Depandcy Graphs etc)

Spatial Data Structures (BSP, Octrees (loose), BVH) - organising geometry, bascially splitting space up

Visibility Culling (Occlusion culling, Portal culling etc) - If its not visiable dont send it through the graphics pipeline

Level of Detail - Cut down on the amount of triangles in a mesh the further away it is from the viewer

Tessellation and Triangulation

Lighting and Shadow models - Shadow techniques, Global illumation or mimic it

Yes there is other stuff to

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