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math formula conversion for OpenGL Screen Saver

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I am doing a PI opengl screen saver in OpenGL. It will calculate PI to infinite decimal places. I have worked on the Machin calculations of PI...... PI = pi=16arctan(1/5)-4arctan(1/239) and got it to run...but it looses precision very fast. anyone know how to translate the following formulas to a useable MACRO or function in C/C++....... 1)Kanada''s pi Calculation: a).Kpi1 := 48*arctan(1/49)+128*arctan(1/57) -20*arctan(1/239)+48*arctan(1/110443); b.)Kpi2 := 176*arctan(1/57)+28*arctan(1/239) -48*arctan(1/682)+96*arctan(1/12943); --Kanada calcualtes PI to a trillion digits (10^12 digits)!!!!! 2.)Newton''s pi Calculation: Pi/24=Int(x^(1/2)*(1-x)^(1/2),x=0..1/4)+sqrt(3)/32; 3.)Sharp''s pi Calculation: a).arctan(1/sqrt(3))=''arctan''(1/sqrt(3)); b).arctan(x)=Sum((-1)^n*x^(2*n+1)/(2*n+1),n=0..infinity);

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