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Limit of shadow projections (3D shadow volumes)

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hi all, I''m just trying to work out a bit of maths for a little terrain demo that I''ve got in the back of my mind (note: no code as of yet). For culling I''ve divided said terrain into sectors, and I can then use a quadtree to remove a large number of these sectors very efficiently. However, I need a new culling system to help with shadows. The problem is that sectors NOT on screen (ie, culled normally) can still cast shadows that affect geometry that is on screen. This isn''t a problem for point lights, but is a little tricky for directional lights (I only support the 2). Here is my idea for deciding which terrain sectors are used to cast shadows: For each sector, and given the current directional light.. if I take the highest point of the land in the sector (the peak) and then project a line (directional lights dir. vector) down to the height=0 plane I can get an X/Y coordinate. If I take this X/Y coordinate, along with the center of the terrain sector I can genereate a sphere (center+radius). If this sphere intersects the view frustum (simple test) then I know that the current sector potentially casts a shadow on-screen does this follow with y''all?? cheers, Jack DirectX 4 VB: All you need for multimedia programming in Visual Basic Formula 1 Championship Manager, My Game Project.

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