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bezier, spline, etc.

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Looks good by the content! I need just the curve sections for a school work but I am myself interested in surfaces too.

Any other books about curves available?

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When I was writing mine, I bought a bunch of books. There are a decent number of books, chapters of books, and online resources out there, but the two I mentioned are the most readable IMHO (assuming you''re fairly comfortable with relatively advanced math)

Author, "Real Time Rendering Tricks and Techniques in DirectX", "Focus on Curves and Surfaces", A third book on advanced lighting and materials

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"Applied Geometry for Computer Graphics and CAD" by Duncan Marsh, publisher Springer (the yellow academic books in your local university bookstore). It has 4 relevant chapters:
Bezier Curves I
Bezier Curves II

Altogether over 120 pages on curves, plus a further two related chapters on surfaces. It's a mathematical rather than computing textbook, so there's no code samples or example programs: this ups the density of mathmatics, but may not suit everyone.

The rest of the book (the first third of it) is on transformations and coordinates, especially homogenous coordinates and projective transformations - not directly relevant but still very useful for computer games graphics.

More info here

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