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problem with directsound buffer event notifications

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hi, Why a direct sound buffer may send position notifications events although it is not playing? I have this problem and could not solve it, it just works fine on win98 but on some systems with winXP the problem appears (some winXP systems work fine). here is what i (normally) do: //create direct sound Buffer WAVEFORMATEX wfx; memset(&wfx, 0, sizeof(WAVEFORMATEX)); wfx.wFormatTag = WAVE_FORMAT_PCM; wfx.nChannels = vi.channels; wfx.nSamplesPerSec = vi.rate; wfx.wBitsPerSample = 16; wfx.nBlockAlign = wfx.wBitsPerSample / 8 * wfx.nChannels; wfx.nAvgBytesPerSec = wfx.nSamplesPerSec * wfx.nBlockAlign; DSBUFFERDESC dsbdesc; ZeroMemory(&dsbdesc, sizeof(DSBUFFERDESC)); memset(&dsbdesc, 0, sizeof(DSBUFFERDESC)); dsbdesc.dwSize = sizeof(DSBUFFERDESC); dsbdesc.dwFlags =DSBCAPS_CTRLPOSITIONNOTIFY | DSBCAPS_GETCURRENTPOSITION2 | DSBCAPS_GLOBALFOCUS | DSBCAPS_CTRLVOLUME;// | DSBCAPS_CTRLALL ; dsbdesc.dwBufferBytes = soundBufferSize; dsbdesc.lpwfxFormat = &wfx; if(lpds->CreateSoundBuffer(&dsbdesc, &lpdsb, NULL)!=DS_OK) { //error code } LPDIRECTSOUNDNOTIFY lpDsNotify; DSBPOSITIONNOTIFY PositionNotify[2]; if(lpdsb->QueryInterface(IID_IDirectSoundNotify,(LPVOID *)&lpDsNotify)==E_NOINTERFACE ) exit(0); h1 = CreateEvent(NULL, FALSE, FALSE, NULL); h2 = CreateEvent(NULL, FALSE, FALSE, NULL); PositionNotify[0].dwOffset = soundBufferSize/4; PositionNotify[0].hEventNotify = h1; PositionNotify[1].dwOffset = soundBufferSize*3/4; PositionNotify[1].hEventNotify = h2; if(lpDsNotify->SetNotificationPositions(2, PositionNotify)!=DS_OK) exit(0); then create a new threaded function to handle those events: //function to handle music loops notifications DWORD HandleNotifications(LPVOID lpvoid) { Sleep(0); DWORD hRet = 0; while((hRet = WaitForMultipleObjects(2, hNotifyEvent, FALSE, INFINITE))!= WAIT_FAILED) { switch(hRet-WAIT_OBJECT_0) { case 0: //load first buffer half buffer1->GetMore(); break; case 1: //load second buffer half buffer1->GetMore(); break; }// end switch } // while return 0; } any help?

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