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<string> formatting

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I''ve recently started using for string operations and am finding it much better than the old C-style. Just one thing though, are there any functions for formatting C++ strings with integers, floats, etc...., the equivalent of the sprintf() function?

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Yes, look for the stringstream library!

However, the std::string class contains a myString.printf() function too, I think..

Petter Nordlander

"There are only 10 kinds of people in the world. The who understand binary and those who don''t"

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Hello MessageBox,

there dec, hex, and oct iomanipulators that will set stream to out these.
There is setw set the width of a field
setprecision set number of nuber after .
setfill set what to fill spaces with.

ex float test=234.5678;
cerr << setw(10) << setprecision(2) << setfill(: ) << test << endl;
::::234.57 as an output. I belive it round up on percision but not sure.

Lord Bart

opps it took the : ) as a simliy face

[edited by - lord bart on September 22, 2003 9:10:28 AM]

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