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DX8SDK Vertex Tweening tutorial not working...

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I just started learning about Vertex Shaders, and I wanted to do KeyFrame based animation. I took a look at the help file supplyed with Dx8SDK. I noticed several mistakes in the examples in the help files, for example leaving out a "(0)" or so, but nothing too serious. Ok, I figured out how to put together, a supposable working Vertex Tweening procedure. Here's what I do: Make a custom Vertex format: private type VF Position1 as D3DVECTOR Position2 as D3DVECTOR TexCoord as D3DVECTOR2 end type Now, i set up a VERTEXBUFFER, with a bunch of triangles loaded from an MD2 file. I set up the shader: Dim Decl(4) As Long Decl(0) = D3DVSD_STREAM(0) Decl(1) = D3DVSD_REG(D3DVSDE_POSITION, D3DVSDT_FLOAT3) 'Position 1 Decl(2) = D3DVSD_REG(D3DVSDE_POSITION2, D3DVSDT_FLOAT3) 'Position 2 Decl(3) = D3DVSD_REG(D3DVSDE_TEXCOORD0, D3DVSDT_FLOAT2) 'Tex Decl(4) = D3DVSD_END() Call D3DDevice.CreateVertexShader(Decl(0), ByVal 0, Handle, 0) But, the code crashes here. (can't create the shader) If I delete the texturecoordinate related line, it works... Ok, now the real problem: If I render simply, like this: Call D3DDevice.SetVertexShader(Handle) D3DDevice.SetStreamSource 0, Md2_Models(id).VertexBuf(Trees(P).cFrame), Len(Md2_Models(id).VertexL(0)) D3DDevice.SetTexture 0, Md2_Models(id).Texture D3DDevice.DrawPrimitive D3DPT_TRIANGLELIST, 0, Md2_Models(id).nTriangles Everything works fine: I see my model's first keyframe. Now, if I add tweening, my model dissapears... Why is that ? D3DDevice.SetRenderState D3DRS_VERTEXBLEND, D3DVBF_TWEENING D3DDevice.SetRenderState D3DRS_TWEENFACTOR, 0.1 'InterpolateAmount I tried almost anything, i looked at the help files, and I'm sure I did everything right, but it still doesn't work... And also: why is it so hard to configure a shader ? Why didn't the first declaration work ? [edited by - Dark_Guy on September 22, 2003 4:15:11 PM] [edited by - Dark_Guy on September 22, 2003 4:16:40 PM]

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