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differed shading (perpixel lighting in image space)

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Hi i''ve been implementing a differed shading technique for per-pixel lighting. So far a render to produce an image with the normals of the scene (transformed into world space) encoded into the color, and i produce a second image with just the normal textures (scene with no lighting). I can produce these two images in one pass using ATI_DRAW_BUFFER extension. In my second pass i encode the positions of my objects in world space. Then for each light, I take the first and thrid images and combine them together using a fragment program that computes specular and diffuse lighting and acculate the resulting image. Finally, i modulate this image with the second image i produced to get the final lit image of the scene. My problem is in the generation of the "world positions" image. I''m using a floating point texture to store this so it ends up being slow. Is there any way i can encode the world position using a lesser pixel type or is there a way a can avoid altogheter having to encode the world positions? Thanks.

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