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Particle system update problem..

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Hello, for some reason, all the particles in my particle system move all at once, each position is the same as every other. it looks like a dot moving to the right. This is my update code:
HRESULT CRTParticleSystem::Update (float timer)
	if (!inst.bCreated)
		return RT_FAIL;

	vector<RTParticle>::iterator pParticle;

	inst.CurrentTime += timer;

	float TimeElapsed = 0.0f;

	for (pParticle=inst.pParticles.begin(); pParticle!=inst.pParticles.end(); pParticle++)
        if (pParticle->Active)
			TimeElapsed = inst.CurrentTime - (*pParticle).CreationTime;

	        (*pParticle).pos = (*pParticle).oldpos + (*pParticle).vel * TimeElapsed;
			(*pParticle).oldpos = (*pParticle).pos;
			(*pParticle).vel = (*pParticle).oldvel + (*pParticle).CurrentGravity * TimeElapsed;
			(*pParticle).oldvel = (*pParticle).vel;
            (*pParticle).Life -= 0.001f;

			if ((*pParticle).Life <= 0)
				(*pParticle).CreationTime = inst.CurrentTime;
                (*pParticle).Life = 1.0f;
				(*pParticle).Active = true;
				(*pParticle).pos = Position;
				(*pParticle).oldpos = Position;
				(*pParticle).vel = Velocity;
				(*pParticle).oldvel = (*pParticle).vel;
				(*pParticle).CurrentSize = SizeStart;
				(*pParticle).CurrentColor = ColorStart;
				(*pParticle).CurrentGravity = Gravity;

	return RT_OK;
I kept trying to keep things simple for my first particle class, but it doesn''t seem to work.. I must be missing something here.

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It look''s to me like you are in the need of some randomness. As i see your Code all Particles that dies are beeing set to the
same position, velocity and liftetime. In my Particleengine these values are set to bee random within a given interval.

With the Init of the Particles i devine the Range in witch the Particles will be initialized. So my variables here are somthing like:

minVelocity.X,maxVelocity.x ...

And in the initcode and where a particle will we respawnd the values for LiftTime,Velocity and Position will get some Randomization so they will fly with diferent Speed''s in different Directions.

NEHE has a got Tutorial on Particle Engines. He also uses Random-Values for Variables like StartingColor EndingColor, StartingSize and so on.. Mostly all Variables of a Particle get a random value assigned.

Think this should help you out a bit more.

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You''re updating the particles all by the same scalar value.

What you should do when you create the particle is this:

Set a velocity for the particle which is
v = base vel * variance factor

This will ensure that the particles don''t all move at the same veolcity; they will, however move in the same direction.

What you need to do then is generate a random number that can either be 1 or -1 and use that to make the initial velocity either positive or negative.

When you have done that, do as you have done and move them all by a fraction of this velocity over time


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