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How to create a .tga image with alpha channel in psp or aps...

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Okay so I've read some of the help docs and I'm still lost. Anyone just want to explain how, or know of an articles that explain how to create a targa (.tga) image WITH an alpha channel (transparency layer) in Paint Shop Pro (preffered), or in Adobe Photoshop? I know how to code it using OGL, I just don't know how to create the damn images with a trans layer. Any advice or link to a USEFUL and INFORMATIVE tutorial would be greatly appreciated (btw, I've googled for this and not found much). -Q | My Unfinished Page | | I need answers! | | Genaside presents: Hazard Ball | | Maddox | [edited by - qa303asmguru on September 23, 2003 8:41:09 PM]

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In Photoshop:

On your Layers/Channels/Paths tool bar, select Create New Channel (at the bottom of the Channels tab, beneath the Red Green Blue channels list.)

This creates an alpha channel. And that''s it. Select the channel and use your tool of choice to draw within it, or do whatever you have to do. Any pixel with 0 in this channel will have an alpha of 0. Any pixel with 255 will have an alpha of 255. Etc...

When the time comes to save, save as a TGA.

Not sure about PSP, but it''s probably pretty close to the same.

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One way to do it in PSP.

Make a 8 bit greyscale image, and "paint" your alpha channel.

Also have a TGA file open.

Top menu.. Masks->New->FromImage.

THen Masks->Save to Alpha channel of the TGA file.

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