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VB string search help

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I''m making an app in VB, and I''m searching for spaces, " ", in the text, to be able to extract numbers from the text. But it doesn''t work!!! Here''s the code: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Sub SpaceSearch() Dim intPos As Integer Dim intPos2 As Integer Dim intPos3 As Integer Dim intPos4 As Integer Dim strAdresse As String Dim strAdresse2 As String Dim strAdresse3 As String intPos = InStr(1, Text1.Text, " ") strAdresse = Mid(Text1.Text, intPos, 4) If IsNumeric(strAdresse) Then txtAdresse.Text = strAdresse GoTo Quit Else intPos2 = InStr(intPos, Text1.Text, " ") strAdresse2 = Mid(Text1.Text, intPos2, 4) End If If IsNumeric(strAdresse2) Then txtAdresse.Text = strAdresse GoTo Quit Else intPos3 = InStr(intPos2, Text1.Text, " ") strAdresse = Mid(Text1.Text, intPos3, 4) End If If IsNumeric(strAdresse3) Then txtAdresse.Text = strAdresse GoTo Quit Else intPos4 = InStr(intPos3, Text1.Text, " ") strAdresse3 = Mid(Text1.Text, intPos4, 4) End If Quit: End Sub -----------------------------------------------------------------So, could anyone please try to figure out why it doesn''t work? - Simsfan

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Don''t assume that each chunk is of length 4 in your Mid calls.

Try this instead:

Public Function Break_String(ByRef Msg As String, ByVal Break_On As String) As String
Dim Lc As Integer
Dim Rt As String
Lc = InStr(Msg, Break_On)
If Lc = Len(Msg) And Lc <> 0 Then
Break_String = Left(Msg, Len(Msg) - 1)
Msg = ""
Exit Function
End If
If (Lc > 0) Then ''Is it in here?
Rt = Left(Msg, Lc - 1)
Msg = Mid(Msg, Lc + Len(Break_On))
Rt = Msg
Msg = ""
End If
Break_String = Rt
End Function


Dim Something As String
Dim Substring As String
Something = InputBox("Enter something")

While Len(Something) > 0
Substring = Break_String(Something, " ")
MsgBox Substring

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