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Landscape test

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Hey can every one please download my landscape demo and tell me how it runs on your system Cusor keys move and hold down the right mouse button to look www.westnet.com.au/crans/ls.zip im on a XP2400+ 256 DDR333 RAM GF4mx440 8xAGP i get around 210 FPS

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AthlonXP 1.67ghz
Windows XP Pro
GeForce2 Ti

0 Nodes: 444 fps
134 Nodes: 144 fps

Not bad, you should maybe look into fog depth cueing to help reduce the tile popping you see as you move based on your "render tiles close to camera idea" (which isn''t a bad idea, but depth cueing will improve it visually)

Have you also tried looking into terrain LOD with either ROAM or Rottger?

I don''t know how fancy you want to make your terrain engine but just some performance feedback and design tips that hopefully help ya out! =)

Good job,


while (your_engine >= my_engine)

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