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directmusic problems regarding StopEx

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Hi! I have a really big problem with directMusic. I want to stop a segment after a certain period of time, i.e. 10000 ms or so... but the following doesn''t work, it stops immediately. i also tried out several combinations of the flags, but they either let the segment stop at once or not at all, but never after a delay. here is my code: void stop_after_a_while(int time) { __int64 prtNow = 0; dMusicPerformance->GetTime(&prtNow, NULL); dMusicPerformance->StopEx(pSegment, prtNow+(__int64)time*10000, DMUS_SEGF_REFTIME); } please, help me out. P.S. both methods return ok, since in my original code there is error handling and no errors are detected.

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I''m not 100% sure, as i havn''t done this in awhile, but I think you want to do this.

// assuming time is seconds

void stop_after_a_while(int time)
dMusicPerformance->StopEx(pSegment, time*1000, DMUS_SEGF_REFTIME);

This will stop the segment X seconds from the time it is called.

Let me know if I''m right. I havn''t done this in awhile and I''m going by memory.

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Thx!! You''re right!

That just solved all my problems.

But afaik if you use the flag DMUS_SEGF_REFTIME, you should multiply the time by 100000, not by 10000, since reference time ticks 100 million times a second (given time is in ms). Haben''t tested that yet, though!


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