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Anyway to get shadowmaps to work on Geforce2 MX?

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Yes, but it's not robust without z-read/z-write.

First, render your character/whatever to a renderable texture such that the background is pure white and the character is pure black (or some color you want the shadow to be).

Then project this texture onto rest of the scene, multiplying it with scene's base color.

Remember that GF2 only has two texture stages, so this technique doesn't let you use any other texture fx on one pass. Also, it's not self-shadowing :/

If someone has better shadowmap technique w/o shaders or z-reads, please inform me

kind rgds Nik

EDIT: Added "on one pass"

[edited by - Nik02 on September 25, 2003 9:26:02 AM]

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Guest Anonymous Poster
thanks niko2! In peoples opinion is a GForce2Mx even supported anymore by games?


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Yes, it is supported even in new games.
It has quite robust driver support (because all geforces use the same drivers) and it's a solid card overall (if a little slow on fillrate nowadays).
I still have GF2 MX 400 on my secondary machine, only thing missing is the hardware shaders (and a couple of texture pipes).

[edited by - Nik02 on September 25, 2003 2:37:48 PM]

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