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Beginning a DX Project, class Wrappers

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I''m beginning my first real DX project, its a board game that I''m going to display on the screen, and I''m wondering what the best way to wrap classes is. Currently, I have two main classes, a Template class to store all of my vertexs and basic formations, like the board, and one game piece type. Then I have another class, MyObject, that stores the world transformation and other important data, like the texture of that piece, plus a pointer to a template from which to draw the data. I will not be needing to draw thousands of polygons at one time, just 8 per polygon (cubes and rectangular prisms), so I don''t need blazing rendering speeds. I figured that a board game was a great way to start, because I can always continue upgrading, more features, AI, board maker, Lighting effects, particle effects, savegame/loadgame feature, and more. If theres anything that anyone thinks I should do first or, anything at all that you want to tell me, I would love the advice. PS- Is there some (easy) way to tell if a DX object has been clicked on? or do I have to actually figure out where that object would be, based on the cam and view matrix and position of the object/pos of the mouse... yadayadayada... A Mathematical game developed and played excessively by friends and I

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