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Searching for free heavy detailed tree models?

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Hi All, I am looking for free (I mean legal) tree models. I need very detailed and "heavy" (with many triangles) models. I have found some at 3DCafe. Where can I find some more? I also need some free house model, but ones that are composed of many many parts. I mean that they are composed of many separated objects (separated in the file), like roofs, doors, windows, etc. My purpose is academic research. I will really appreciate any help. serez

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hmm,there are some treemaking software packages around.even some plugins for render and animation software ,where you can easily create them... or even without any plugin.i tried some of the plugins ,and prefer to model by hand ...
in my opinion the best way would be to shape them by yourself.

easy way needed?you need a render and animation software for it...truespace 3 is for free,also blender or anim8tor...

make some leafs,and put them onto a branch.make three or four of them.then build bigger branches out of the small ones by duplicate them and gluing them together.maybe also three or four.
then create a trunk,and place the bigger branches onto it.voila...

i also have read a tutorial,where the modeler simply shaped the tree without leafs,and used a particle system to add leafs to it...

but back to your i said ,there are some treemaking software a good idea would be to search for them.sometimes they also have some free models to show how poerful their software is...

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