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DirectPlay Message handler as class member?

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Hello, I tried to develop my first game and put multiplayer functionality in it. I did everything object-oriented put the DirectPlay Message Handler in an object, so I did not make it static. When compiling, I get a mistake like this: error C2664: ''IDirectPlay8Peer::Initialize'' : Converting of Parameter 2 of ''HRESULT (PVOID,DWORD,PVOID)'' in ''const PFNDPNMESSAGEHANDLER'' not possible So the initialize - function does not seem to want a nonstatic function as a parameter. I tried using an approach I found somewhere and made a wrapper like this: HRESULT DPMsgHandlerWrapper (PVOID pvUserContext, DWORD dwMessageId, PVOID pMsgBuffer) { return m_pGameClass->DirectPlayMessageHandler (pvUserContext, dwMessageId, pMsgBuffer); } ..and I put that wrapper-handler in my initialize function, but the mistake does not change. How do you all program your DirectPlay Applications? Is there a solution for this problem or is the DirectPlay MessageHandler just supposed to be static? Thanks a lot for your help.

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I haven''t tried putting it inside an object, BUT that wrapper approch can''t be wrong.

Since it''s a normal msg-handler function it has to work.

Check that you set DPMsgHandlerWrapper to your DPmsgProc and NOT m_pGameClass->DirectPlayMessageHandler!

You should be able to type any kind of c++ code inside your wrapper class

Petter Nordlander

"There are only 10 kinds of people in the world. They who understand binary and those who do not"

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