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monkey liar

Looking for help for a kraazy idea

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Greetings you people. I''m trying to find some help to work on a major project for my degree. I''ve got an idea That I want to try to implement. I''m thinking of a simple turn based strategy game (i use the turn simple loosely) with a computer opponent, user interface, blah blah. The annoying bit is deciding on the game rules, and that''s unfortunately a bit i won''t pick up marks for, but everything else around that will count. This is going to be a pretty simple game So I''m thinking of writing not as a full stand alone pc game, but as a small java applet for a web page or even for a PDA. Where can I find some help for developing a java application on a pda? Can I get stuff like JDBC working on a pda, if I were to make stats, rules and maps behind the game database driven? DON''''T PANIC.

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