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Hi, this is my first post here. I have played around with OpenGL and Direct3D in the past so I know a little about 3D graphics. Lately most of my work has been web based. My latest project is a small 3D engine in Flash MX. Obviously it will be limited to maybe <100 polygons for speed but that''s ok. It''s just a learning experience. This is what I have so far: http://www.sambodata.com/projects/engine.shtml I now need to impliment clipping at least for the near view plane which is z=1. At the moment everything is fine as long as no polys straddle the near plane, if they do all hell brakes loose. My polygons are all quads so I''m looking for any info on clipping quads against a plane. I don''t think it matters if the trimmed quads turned into 5 sided polygons as I''m using Flash''s drawing api and I don''t think there would be a great difference between drawing a 4 or 5 sided polygon. Any pointers to online material on clipping would be much apreciated. Mike

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