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[java] A good book for Java NewBee??

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Although i already know a bit of java and C and C++. I would still want to buy a Java Book for newbee since this is the soet of book i tend like to read as it bring you through the small details. I ran to Cprogramming.com and i knew the best book for C++ was Ivor Horton Beginning C++. However i still have yet found any site like cprogramming where it say which is the best book for newbee. Are there any suggestions here? I heard Ivor Horton''s Beginning Java 1.4 was eqaully good as well......

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Thinking In Java by Bruce Eckel is well regarded. It''s a pretty typical beginner''s book. It''s available in print or also free on the web:


For a "cookbook" approach (ie, just show you how to do a bunch of things), the Core Java books from Sun Press are pretty good. Each chapter just covers a certain topic and shows examples, some explanation of the api, and such. Core Java volume 1 should be pretty good for beginners.

The Java Tutorial by Sun is quite good as well, not in book form as far as I know. It''s available here:


Sun has tutorials somewhere on their site that pretty much cover every aspect of Java. This tutorial''s the starting point.

Unfortunately Java doesn''t really have anyone like Andrew Koenig writing books about it, most books are more "tech" oriented, ie "I want to do this, just show me how" type approaches. And IMO the internet is a better place to look for Java, it changes much quicker than most languages.

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