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readstr function in Lesson 10

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void readstr(FILE *f,char *string) { do { fgets(string, 255, f); } while ((string[0] == ''/'') || (string[0] == ''\n'')); return; } Im using the above function in my code (in borland c++)and call it like readstr(filein1,oneline); In my first code which is not composed of forms, works. But when I use this function in my second code which is composed of forms. like; void __fastcall TForm1::ButSourceTxtClick(TObject *Sender) { FILE *filein1; float xx, yy, zz; int eno,tno,n1,n2,n3,nno,e1,e2,e3; char oneline[255]; char oneline1[255]; char oneline2[255]; OpenDialog1->Title = "Select the .txt Source File"; OpenDialog1->FileName = ""; OpenDialog1->Filter = "TXT files (*.txt)|*.TXT"; int i = EditSourceTxt->Text.LastDelimiter("\\"); OpenDialog1->InitialDir = EditSourceTxt->Text.SubString(1,i); if (OpenDialog1->Execute()) { EditSourceTxt->Text = OpenDialog1->FileName; } ifstream infile(EditSourceTxt->Text.c_str()); if(!infile) { Application->MessageBox("Cannot open file", EditSourceTxt->Text.c_str(), MB_OK | MB_ICONEXCLAMATION); } filein1 = fopen("EditSourceTxt", "rt"); readstr(filein1,oneline); sscanf(oneline,"%d\n", &totalnodes); } it doesnt work but it can open the source txt file.. can you help me?? I m dealing with this problem for hours

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